Getting Your Sales Playbook Together
The ultimate training/coaching for sales reps

Live Online Training & Coaching to keep your team on track!

​90  Day Program for measurable Sales Improvement

 ​30 Sales Activities  to Build Your Teams' SALES PLAYBOOK

Getting Your Sales Playbook Together

Program designed for Sales Professionals  looking to fine tune their sales skills. Look at our Sales Leadership Coaching Program for Sales Managers. 

'The sales coach on this program was knowledgeable and presented well.'

Frank R, June 2018 | Cansel

Participant Approval Rate: 96%

Open Enrollment Class Starts September 24, 2019!

Training Benefits:

  • Improves your acceptance to change

  • Measured and managed goal attainment

  • Improved selling skills using best practices

  • Improved sales performance

  • Increased motivation and goal focus

  • Elevated confidence towards success

Targeted Skill Gaps:

  • Prospecting/Lead generation

  • Effective time management

  • Key elements of consultative selling

  • Manage large enterprise accounts

  • Present effectively in client meetings

  • Effectively negotiate with clients

Challenge 1: Finding a program that is accessible to all members of the sales team regardless of where they’re located.


Challenge 2:  Making sure the course content aligns with the products and services you sell and there is a sales manager coaching program that mirrors the course content. 


Challenge 3: Finding a program that is affordable and doesn’t require taking reps out of the field.


Challenge 4:  Simply finding a sales coach with the qualifications to lead the program.


At Sales Training Experts we understand your challenges and more importantly we have solutions. This Live Online Training and Coaching Program is accessible to everyone in your company     regardless of where they’re located. The 90 Day Sales Accelerator Program and Sales Leadership Coaching program align both training and management coaching into one unique sales performance improvement program. The training/coaching content fits 99% of all business to   business sales organizations. Sales reps learn how to build their own individual Territory Sales Playbook and are coached on best sales practices to operationalize it. By optimizing Live Online Technology, and booking weekly group sessions we are able to scale the program and reduce your costs. An added benefit...no participant travel costs or field down-time is required. The Live Online platform gives highly qualified and busy trainers/coaches an easily accessible virtual classroom that attracts the best sales trainers and coaches. This translates into exceptional value for you.