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​Live Online Coaching to keep your team on track!

​90  Day Program for measurable Sales Improvement

 ​30 Sales Activities  to Build Your Teams' SALES PLAYBOOK

The Live Online Coaching Program

hosted this month by

Paul Kidston, MBA, CSP, Master Sales Trainer

Program designed for Sales Teams of 5-100 to build your sales playbook, and provide ongoing sales training support.   


Challenge 1

Finding a program that is accessible to all members of the sales team regardless of where they’re located.

Solved: This Live Online is accessible to everyone in your company regardless of their of where they are located.

Challenge 2

Making sure the course content aligns with the products and services you sell.

Solved: The course content fits 99% of all business to business sales organizations. Participants learn how to build their own individual Sales Playbook and are coached on best sales practices to operationalize it.

Challenge 3

Finding a program that is affordable and doesn’t require taking reps out of the field.

Solved: By optimizing Live Online Technology, and grouping your staff in weekly sessions we are able to scale the program, and reduce your costs. An added benefit is that no participant travel costs are required.

Challenge 4

Finding a sales coach/trainer with the qualifications to lead the program. 

Solved: The Live Online platform gives highly qualified and busy coaches an easily accessible virtual classroom that attracts the best sales trainers and coaches.

Class Schedule: Based on client requirements 

Delivery: Live Online with e-Learning Support

  • Expert Instruction and Coaching

  • No travel Costs

  • No Field Downtime

Who should take this program? 

  • Small or large companies with with 5 or more reps geographically dispersed that need cost effective, travel free training.

  • Companies who have just taken a sales training program and are looking to have reps apply selling concepts in the field.  

  • Both inside and outside sales reps looking to achieve their sales targets.    

What is a Live Online Program ? 

  • The program is broadcast live from my studio in Toronto. 

  • Participants can join on their mobile, tablet or computer. 

  • The program supports all hardware wireless formats including Android, Apple, IOS, etc.

  • Participants can add their video from their webcam if requested.  

Paul Kidston, MBA, CSP

Author, Master Sales Trainer, Sales Leadership Strategist

What are the Learning Outcomes? 

Instructor's Note to Sales Managers considering sending staff to this program? 

Instructor's Note to Sales Professionals considering taking this program? 

What does the program cost and what do I receive? 


Day 1-30




Create and manage more leads.

Understanding the Sales Funnel 

  • Identify the key concepts of activity management by understanding the sales  funnel process

  • Manage your activity by following the five rules of prospecting

  • Where do I Start?

  • Understand and manage your contacts through the 3 stages of prospecting 


Cold Call Reluctance

  • Develop a winning attitude and manage your cold call reluctance

  • Understand the psychology of cold call reluctance


Making the First Call

  • Learn the techniques of managing a successful cold call

  • Understand the 4 approaches of finding customer contact information

  • Know the techniques of using voice mail as a prospecting tool

  • Practice the 9 key elements of opening a live cold call

  • Learn how to develop rapport over the phone

  • Review a cold call case study

  • Know the best times to call your prospects

The Predictable Human Dynamic

  • Appreciate how prospects behave in predictable ways

  • Know and understand the skills of persuasion

  • Develop a successful prospecting formula

  • Understand the 10 success tactics to better prospecting calls Increase your return on time invested

  • Know the SMART model for setting prospecting goals




Optimise return on time invested

Identify the Dangers and Myths of the Perfect Time Manager

  • Understand your personal time management limits and opportunities

  • Assess and understand the key concepts of the perfect time manager


Organize and Prioritize Tasks to Reach Your Goals

  • Recognize the concept of “return on time invested” and the differences between urgent and important tasks

  • Understand the key concepts of time management and how it is linked to effective goal  setting

  • Practically apply the SMART goal process

  • Reinforce the need for proactive planning

  • Prioritize your goals to ensure optimal productivity

  • Understand the different types of goals and how they are linked

  • Make the connection between goals, values and beliefs


Evaluate How You Spend Your Time at Work

  • Define the differences between effective and efficient time management

  • Manage your workday activities toward achieving your goals

  • Understand and manage productivity influencers


Learn How to Manage Meetings

  • Learn the management techniques of controlling small and large meetings

  • Manage participant involvement in your meeting

  • Establish meeting agendas for recurring meetings


Manage Work Flow Effectively

  • Understand the key aspects of managing paperwork

  • Develop the tools to manage efficient conference calls and webinars

  • Practice the techniques to deliver effective voicemails

  • Understand the tools to manage email

  • Define and manage the motivational process


Manage Efficient Co-worker Conversations

  • Know and appreciate the 8 steps in the communication process

  • Learn how to manage office interruptions


Day 31-60



Demonstrate consultative selling skills

Day 61-90

The History of the Selling Profession

  • Understand how the history of selling has contributed to today’s selling profession

  • Show the differences between previous selling skills and the skills required by today’s  selling professional

Reaching Your Goals

  • Recognize the concept of “return on time invested”

  • Understand the key concepts of time management and how it is linked to effective goal setting

  • Practically apply the SMART goal setting process

  • Reinforce the need for proactive planning

  • Prioritize your goals to ensure optimal productivity

  • Understand the different types of goals and how they are linked

  • Make the connection between goals, values and beliefs

  • Utilize the most conventional business forecasting methods

  • Understand the difference between territory goals, account goals, and client visit goals

Science of Selling

  • Recognize and manage the communication process with your client

  • Understand and apply the tactical skills of managing customer social styles

  • Identify with the influencing principles required to convince a  customer to buy

Understanding the Sales Funnel

  • Identify the key concepts of activity management by understanding the sales funnel process

  • Manage your activity by following the 5 rules of prospecting

  • Manage within the 3 stages of prospecting

  • Understand the psychology of cold call reluctance

The 9 Steps in the Sales Process

  • Understand the key concepts to develop rapport with your customer

  • Appreciate the requirement of setting a customer meeting agenda

  • Identify with and manage the best questioning techniques to  determine customer needs

  • Practice the influencing techniques of an effective sales presentation




Find and manage large accounts.

The Role of a Key Account Manager

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities the key account manager has  with the company and the client.

  • Provide insight in the areas of client relationship development that will  increase the  influencing power of the key account manager.

Identifying and Developing New Key Accounts

  • Identify the ideal customer.

  • Create a prospecting plan for key accounts.

  • Identify and practice the successful calling tactics of booking appointments with account influencers.

  • Practice the 9 Steps in the consultative client meeting through role-play exercises, case studies and class discussion.

  • Improve client communication skill.

Understanding the Client Value Proposition Pyramid

  • Establish a conceptual framework for the important relationships key  account manager establishes.

  • Demonstrate the competitive advantage associated with being a strategic partner in the sales process compared to just a supply partner.

Understanding the Partnership Evolution

  • Provide an account development process that includes increasing the levels of client contact consistent with the partnership evolution.

  • Help establish contact objectives in the account management process.

The Client Review Meeting

  • Demonstrate the skills of an effective client review meeting.

Account and Territory Sales Forecasting in Key Accounts

  • Recognize the SMART model of goal setting that provides consistent and productive sales activity.

  • Develop clear forecasting tied to activity based management consistent with the best return on time invested.

  • Understand how to measure and use time effectively.

  • Understand the relationship between territory, account and call planning.

  • Develop accurate sales forecasting methods.




Make awesome presentations

Understanding Your Audience                             

  • Why do people ask me to do presentations?

  • What does the audience expect?

  • What do I need to know about my audience?

  • How do I get to know my audience?

  • Are sales presentations different from other types?

  • What can I expect?

  • Why am I nervous?

  • How do I make a good impression?


Presentation Preparation

  • How do I prepare and structure my presentation?

  • How do I create a memorable presentation?

Presentation Delivery

  • How do I perfect my delivery?

Planning for the Unexpected

  • What unexpected challenges should I consider?

  • How do I manage nervousness while I am on stage?




Negotiate a deal

Understand the Framework for Effective Negotiation

  • What is the science behind good negotiations?

  • What are the key influencing principles I should follow when I am planning a negotiation?


Define the Negotiation Process

  • How are the key influencing principles linked to the steps in the Negotiation Process?

  • How does the negotiation process differ between new and existing clients?

  • How do I define my goals in the negotiation process?

  • What are the steps in the negotiation process?

  • What should I seek or avoid in negotiation?

  • How do I build my case to win?

  • What type of concession strategy should I use?

  • What are the next steps when the discussion begins?

Preemptive Pinch Points

  • How can I avoid awkward situations in the negotiation?

  • What do I say when I am feeling squeezed?

The Play Book: Knowing What to Say

  • What are the tactics I can use to help me in my negotiation?


Sales and selling comes naturally to some people, but not everyone. In fact, my research shows that less than 20% of all employees have natural sales ability. I am often asked whether anyone can learn to sell. Short answer is yes! Some of my biggest 'sales' critics (as participants) have turned out to be some of the best sales people in the field.


I know what it it takes to be a great sales rep and to manage great sales reps. I have been there as a rep, dealer sales manager, director of sales and a general manager with some of Canada's leading corporations. 


So that's the story of the 90 Day Sales Accelerator. Over 10,000 sales reps trained and counting. I love what I do, and I admire the sales professionals who make it happen. I have worked with the best managed sales teams around the world. I know the formula for sales success, and the path to get there. As you follow your Sales Playbook journey, my goal is to be here to support you.



Join the 90 Day Sales Accelerator and  take your sales effort to the next level. Unlike traditional training programs, our program is different. This program is a SERIOUS sales improvement program designed to create your own personalized Sales Playbook. All participants will go to work implementing the program and demonstrating the skills to be a successful sales professional.

If you're serious about being better at what you do, and you want to make more money doing it, then join this program.  

I will show you the formula for sales success, and help you implement it at work. I will be your coach for the next 90 days. I will challenge your thinking, support your ideas and be your biggest supporter.  I will be your sounding board. All professional's including sales professionals need to practice their skills and test their knowledge.  It may surprise you to know that I have a sales coach as well. Why? Even with all my years of experience at almost every level of the sales profession, I still need an objective point of view to be better. After all, if we're not growing then we are shrinking professionally. Think about it.  

Unlike traditional training programs, you will be implementing 30 sales activities over the next 90 days. You must complete and hand-in all sales activities to complete and graduate the program. The good news is that each activity helps you build your personalized Sales Playbook for your territory and product line. Once all the activities are complete, you will have a comprehensive sales plan including an account and territory plan aligned with your company Sales Playbook.  You will also have some time to practice consultative sales skills, negotiation skills, and of course prospecting skills. As a current exam facilitator for the Canadian Professional Sales Association, I can coach you through nationally recognized best practices with your one-on-one client meetings.    

Overall Learning Outcomes: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

  • ​Collaboratively build a customized Sales Playbook targeted at your individual territory and line of business

  • Ensure that your company Sales Playbook is incorporated in your plan 

  • Provide weekly coaching/training to help you apply the course content 

  • Ensure participants have access to the sales coach to answer important questions

  • Make available all sales tools participants require to complete their sales playbook. 

  • Influence others more effectively with communications tailored to different personality types and an understanding of the psychology of compliance

  • Develop self-awareness, maintain optimism, and manage stress with proven takeaway strategies

  • Reduce distractions and increase selling time with a personalized time management system

  • Strategically allocate selling and administrative time by leveraging ROI calculations

  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals with a formalized closed-loop system

  • Implement more strategic, profitable, and achievable territory plans

  • Resolve conflicts and pre-emptively mitigate potential issues with new and existing clients

  • Effectively guide the client-side decision-making groups and processes

  • Increase client retention with tailored and structured account plans

  • Conduct the appropriate research and profit analyses before prospecting

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors with a Unique Value Proposition

  • Convert more prospects by improving the quality and efficiency of calls

  • Develop stronger and immediate relationships with potential clients using strategies to build rapport and trust

  • Shorten the decision-making process by preparing business cases that focus on financial gains and ROI

  • Secure go-forward commitments at the end of each sales call

  • Close more sales by transforming into a consultative adviser that focuses on solving problems and delivering value to clients

  • Deliver tailored, effective presentations that result in sales

  • Maintain profit margins while successfully navigating the negotiation process


Graduation | Completion of all 30 Sales Playbook activities!

Ongoing coaching if required. Management Coaching program recommended. Call us to discuss.   

Training dates: 

Live Online In-house Programs for groups of 8 or more 

Delivery Format: 

LIVE online with password protected entry to the virtual classroom.

Direct access to Paul Kidston through SMS, email, and live calls by appointment.

Training Investment: 

 Call for details (1-877-353-7253 or email us  


  • 90 Day Sales Accelerator, getting your sales playbook together book  

  • Unlimited access to live webinars and recordings of past webinars (mobile friendly) 

  • Weekly access to Paul Kidston through virtual office hours.

  • Sales Playbook template for your company 

  • Graduation certificate (when all field assignments are completed)