CLASS 3 LEAD MANAGEMENT: How do I contact leads?

Class Agenda

Topics Covered:

  • Making the First Call

  • The Predictable Human Dynamic


Learning Objectives:


Making the First Call

  • Learn the techniques of managing a successful cold call

  • Understand the 4 approaches of finding customer contact information

  • Know the techniques of using voice mail as a prospecting tool

  • Practice the 9 key elements of opening a live cold call

  • Learn how to develop rapport over the phone

  • Review a cold call case study

  • Know the best times to call your prospects


​The Predictable Human Dynamic

  • Appreciate how prospects behave in predictable ways

  • Know and understand the skills of persuasion

  • Develop a successful prospecting formula

  • Understand the 10 success tactics to better prospecting calls Increase your return on time invested

  • Know the SMART model for setting prospecting goals

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