Sales Accelerator 

Become a more effective strategist, business manager, and talent developer so you can manage your team towards improved performance and profitability.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers or soon-to-be managers that are looking for strategies, tools, and processes to build and drive a successful sales team and culture

  • New and experienced sales managers or directors, business-owners and entrepreneurs, sales professionals that desire to move into management


Available Formats

  • Instructor-led in-class over three days

  • On-site with the opportunity to customize

'Creating a clear sales plan was a big part of this program'

B Cole,  Feb 2016 | Vancouver


Participant Approval Rate: 91%

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Learning Outcomes

  • Gain clear expectations of the multiple roles you play as a Professional Sales Manager, from Strategist to Talent Manager

  • Create tailored go-to-market sales strategies for each of your customer segments

  • Shape your sales culture by effectively defining and delivering your vision with a five-step process

  • Successfully guide your team through periods of change or upheaval with specific and proven change management techniques

  • Define a formal sales process for your team and identify the skills required to be successful every step of the way

  • Predict sales performance with specific budgets for each rep

  • Develop forecast templates that help keep you and your reps on track

  • Understand the tools that support sales performance management

  • Formalize talent management with a structure process

  • Create a recruitment plan that ensures you’re using every avenue to find the right candidates

  • Develop motivational compensation plans that make financial sense

  • Screen candidates using specific criteria and tools and conduct structured, in-depth interviews that provide deeper insights into each candidate

  • Select the appropriate type of training for your team and take the steps to measure results

  • Use collaborative coaching and individual performance plans to improve the effectiveness of each one of your reps

  • Complete regular performance reviews that provide constructive feedback and support performance plans

Course Content (3-day Program)


Roles of the Effective Sales Manager

  • Examining the stages of business evolution and the implications for sales management

  • Adding value through your multiple roles as strategist, business manager and talent manager


Vision in Sales Leadership

  • Aligning sales goals with corporate goals and values

  • Selecting your go-to-market strategies to further penetrate the market

  • Learning to lead and inspire representatives towards growth, job satisfaction, and superior performance

  • Communicating vision and change effectively to minimize resistance

  • Leading through times of change


Managing Sales Performance

  • Tools to measure and manage the performance of the sales force

  • Methods to create sales budgeting, forecasting and projecting

  • Solutions for productivity improvement


Talent Management

  • Understanding and implementing the talent management process

  • Creating your own profile of a successful salesperson

  • Recruiting, hiring and compensating your sales team

  • Being knowledgeable about key issues and considerations surrounding termination

  • Presenting strategies to motivate your salespeople towards improved performance

  • Managing sales performance

  • Developing and coaching your company’s most significant resources