Frequently Asked Questions  

Question 1: How long has Sales Training Experts been around? 

  • Sales Training Experts has operated since 2007.

  • Sales Training Experts is a division of P. Kidston Enterprises Limited which has been operating sense 1996.

Question 2: What types of clients does Sales Training Experts work with? 

  • Business to Business 

  • Manufacturing

  • Service

  • Multiple Retail Locations

  • Telecommunications

  • Property Management and Hospitality    

  • Education Management 

  • Auto Industry  

  • Trades and Contractor Service Sales and Customer Service

  • Call Centres 

  • Real Estate Industry

  • Consulting, Recruiting, Accounting, Law and other Professional Service Sales

  • Healthcare for-profit and Not-for Profit 

Question 3: What are some of Sales Training Experts most popular programs? 

  • Consultative Selling Sales Accelerator

  • Key Account Sales Accelerator

  • Negotiation Sales Accelerator Lead Generation Sales Accelerator 

  • 90 Day Sales Accelerator Coaching Program (Live Online)

  • The Pitch, The Ultimate Sales Training Contest

  • Canadian Professional Sales Association Certification Programs

  • Custom Designed Programs based on Client Preferences

Question 4: If I call or email Sales Training Experts about their service, what can I expect? 

  • A friendly voice answering our phone. (9-5 EST) 

  • Our reception desk will connect you with one of our Program Advisors. 

  • The Program Advisor will complete a 15 minute call to initially assess your requirements.  

Question 5:  Once I agree to an initial 15 minute call with a Sales Performance Consultant, what can I expect during that time? 

  • During the initial call, your Sales Performance Consultant will introduce themselves.

  • Your consultant will suggest the following agenda: 

    • Ask you to describe your business and the sales challenges you currently face.

    • Ask if you to describe a day in the life of the reps you want trained...their challenges and opportunities. 

    • Ask whether you have decided on the training content you require?

    • Ask you to provide an assessment of the sales skill gaps you want trained.  

    • Provide you options to move your sales training forward.   

Question 6:  How fast can Sales Training Experts deliver training if we decide to go ahead with the proposal? 

  • Depending on instructor availability, most training programs begin 2-4 weeks from the contract signing date. 

Question 7:   What are the different delivery methods used by Sales Training Experts?  

  • We offer training delivery options that meet your team's availability and objectives. They include: 

    • Instructor led in class | Onsite​ | 1/2 day, full day, multi-day 

    • Live Online (synchronous) training | Webinar based  

    • Web based (asynchronous) self-paced learning programs | LMS Managed 

    • Convention and Off-site Meeting Sales Training Workshops 

Question 8:   What are the differences between consulting, coaching and training and how do they work together to meet your sales improvement requirements? 

  • Consulting focuses on sales system improvements. Examples include lead generation efficiency, creating a proven repeatable sales process, leveraging technology, and improving sales management deliverables. 

  • Coaching focuses on longer term sales rep or sales manager skill improvements one-on-one. 

  • Training focuses on sales rep or sales manager skill improvements over a specified period of time.

  • Every client has a unique set of sales challenges that often require a combination of  services to improve sales effectiveness and efficiency. 

Question 9:   What is the cost of our services? 

  • Tough question to answer. 

  • It all depends on:

    •  # of people being trained

    •  # of days of training

    •  combination and volume of services contracted

    •  existing or new client