asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions. 

COMPANY Questions?
Q1: How long has Sales Training Experts been operating? 
  • Sales Training Experts has operated since 2007.

  • Sales Training Experts is a division of P. Kidston Enterprises Limited which has been operating since 1996. We are a Canadian company operating internationally.  


Q2: How many sales professionals has Sales Training Experts trained? 

  • 10.000 plus sales and sales management professionals. 

Q3: Over the past 2 years (2019-2021) what are the significant changes in the Sales Training Experts' business model since the pandemic? 

  • For Sales Rep Training, clients are requesting more e-learning options to train content, and Live Online Coaching to apply concepts, tools and selling systems to reinforce sales best practices. 

  • For senior sales leaders, there is an increase in demand for Live Online Instructor led courses like Change Management, Critical Thinking and Motivating a Sales Team.

  • For New Sales Managers, the Sales Leadership course provides managers tools and sales management systems to better manage their teams. 

WORKSHOP Questions?
Q4: 'I have a sales team that work remotely. I want to introduce the team to a common sales approach with a common selling system and language that allows us to scale our training efforts. What do you recommend?'   
  • Our PROFESSIONAL Consultative Selling course is great first course to begin scaling your sales training effort. It will level-set the skills of the entire sales team through the application of tools, selling systems and concepts.
  • Consultative Selling is the first course of our Sales Playbook Certification Program. It will introduce best practices in Handling Objections, Negotiations, Presentation Skills, Strategic Thinking and Territory Management. Subsequently, team members have the option to expand their skills in each topic area through our e-learning/coaching workshops dedicated to each topic. 

Q5: 'How will I train new reps when the initial team training is completed?'

  • By choosing our Sales Playbook Certification courses, new sales reps can take our e-learning course which will teach them the same sales best practices as your original training. Their sales manager can coach them through the program, and/or the rep can sign up for 4 Individual coaching sessions to reinforce the training.       

Q6: 'I don't want to certify reps. I just want them to take one or a few of your courses. Do they have to go through the Certification Program?' 

  • No. The Certification Program is optional. It is your choice as a company or individual if you choose the certification path. 


Q7: 'What's the difference between Sales Playbook Certification and other types of certifications offered through associations or other sales training companies?'

  • Sales Playbook Certification is unique in 2 ways. First, it's not an academic experience. It's a hands-on applied set of courses that creates a defined work product. This work product includes working documents like a Territory, Account, Prospect and Call Plan. Beyond planning, the tools, selling systems and concepts are easily applied to everyday work routines. Second, Sales Playbook Certification is an entire Sales Team Experience including managers, owners and company executives. For example, many of our sales team clients ask us to include company, client and product specific questions in our certification exams. Through our 4 optional group coaching workshops, we adapt and reinforce our e-learning course content to match your unique sales situation. This ensures 'best practices' are right sized which leads to improved participant skill adoption. At the end of 4 group or Individual coaching sessions, the facilitator creates 2 new pages for your 'Sales Playbook' that summarizes the important company specific adaptations and best practices. ​

Q8: 'Do I have to take the 4 Optional Coaching Workshops?'
  • No. At Sales Training Experts we know that your training requirements are unique for your company. Although we strongly recommend bundling the e-learning and coaching workshops to maximize learning, there are good reasons to just take the e-learning course only. These are some of the reasons participants have chosen e-learning only.

    • Sales Manager will mentor and coach the rep directly with the course. 

    • Rep will take the e-learning course as part of an onboarding program, and then receive coaching from the manager. 

    • Budget constraints allow for e-learning only to be included in the training plan. 


Q9: 'I am reviewing several sales training proposals for my team. Why should I choose Sales Training Experts?'

  • Here are the top 5 reasons clients choose us.

    • Course Content: Professionally created with subject matter experts, and course designers.    

    • Delivery Methods: E-Learning, Live Online Instructor Led, Team and Individual Enrollment.  

    • Affordably Priced: Value-based pricing that beats comparable competitors.  

    • Professional and Friendly service: 5 Star Google Rating

    • Sales Playbook Certification Option: Professional sales skill improvement customized for your company. 


Q10: 'I want to get a quote. How do I do that? 

PROGRAM Questions?
Q10: 'What is the difference between an E-Learning Course, Coaching Workshop, and a Program?'
  • E-learning courses can be taken on their own individually without the Coaching Workshops or being part of a program. There are 6 E-learning courses (Consultative Selling, Handling Objections, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Strategic Thinking and Territory Management) that have optional Coaching Workshops. 
  • Coaching Workshops are 1.5 hour live online sessions with individuals or groups of participants facilitated by a Sales Trainer/Coach. 
  • There are 3 types of Programs: 'Hire-a-Sales Leader Program, Hire-a-Sales-Trainer Program, Hire-a-Sales Playbook Developer Program. All these programs cost-effectively package our e-learning courses and workshops into a customized sales performance improvement solution for large or small sales teams. 
    • Hire-a-Sales-Trainer Program: Affordable longer term Sales Trainer Support Solution for larger sales teams that don't have a fulltime sales training, but require ongoing sales training support. 
    • Hire-a-Sales-Leader Program: Cost effective longer-term sales performance improvement solution for company owners who need extra part-time leadership support  for their growing sales teams. 
    • Hire-a-Sales-Playbook-Developer Program: Project based sales performance improvement solution that level-sets the teams tactical and strategic selling skills while converting company procedures into a (Sales Playbook) Usable Training Guide, and then converts the guide into online, on-demand training programs.