The Fundamentals of Selling, CPSA’s top-selling sales program, is an Instructor Led 2 Day Corporate In-house or 8-week online training program where learners will build consultative selling skills and gain the fundamental knowledge necessary for sales success.  Learners will walk away with the skills to gather meaningful market and client intelligence, develop relationships across a broad spectrum of personas, and propose custom solutions that address business challenges and goals of clients they work with. 

Course Format | 2 DAY In-house or 8 week Live Online-Client Scheduled

Learners will be engaged in an 8-week online program that allows them to learn in a variety of ways, such as readings, videos, peer discussions, personalized assignments, and weekly discussion with their facilitator.

Each week learners will be required to commit to 4-5 hours of study.

Learning Outcomes
  • Explain how a consultative selling approach can provide value to clients

  • Develop a personal brand that takes into account your own strengths, weaknesses, and personality type

  • Recognize the various roles on your sales team and use strategies to work effectively together

  • Develop strategic, profitable, and achievable territory and account plans

  • Create and manage a sales funnel, within a sales technology platform, to effectively move accounts from market to customers

  • Use social media and social selling best practices to carry out your sales strategy

  • Prepare for, and execute, prospecting phone calls that overcome potential objections and lead to in-person sales calls

  • Use an eight-step consultative selling process to secure go-forward commitments at the end of each sales call

  • Deliver tailored, effective in-person and online business case presentations that results in sales

  • Successfully navigate collaborative negotiations and use influence to close sales

  • Develop written sales communications that are logically structured and accurately communicate the key messages

  • Follow up with clients to ensure satisfactory achievement of agreed-upon sales and strengthen client relationships

  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals for the next 1,5 and 10 years with a formalized time-management system

  • Define professional and ethical sales behaviour and govern yourself accordingly.

  • Develop self-awareness, maintain optimism, and manage stress with proven takeaway strategies

Learning Outcomes


The Advanced Prospecting course develops and equips sales professionals with more strategic and practical prospecting techniques. In this 1 Day In-house, and 4-week follow-up program, participants gain the skills to independently establish in-depth sales prospecting strategies by leveraging industry research, developing detailed customer personas, and refining the positioning and value proposition of their organization’s products and services.

Course Format | 1 DAY In-house & 4 week Follow-up
  • Independently investigate and leverage research to properly position yourself in the marketplace and understand where your products/services stand 

  • Refine your personal Unique Value Proposition statement to competitively position yourself in the market

  • Utilize market research to guide conversations with prospects and better understand client needs

  • Provide valuable recommendations and product adaptations to clients based on strengths and weaknesses found in discovery phase

  • Develop SMART goal-based prospecting action plans that align to company objectives

  • Create ideal client personas and independently generate a list of sources for acquiring prospects

  • Establish an in-depth sales prospecting process including qualification questions specific to your organization

  • Utilize appropriate sales technology and social media platforms to prospect and highlight company resources and content.



Strategic Account Management is an advanced level sales course that helps sales professionals maximize revenue potential by taking a more strategic approach to account management. In this 18-hour program, participants will develop the skills to evolve as an indispensable strategic partner who can reduce competitive threats, strengthen client retention, and maximize the return generated from time invested in managing multiple accounts.

Course Format | 1 DAY In-house & 4 week Follow-up
  • Understand the different levels of value, the value customers seek from you, and how they shape your business 

  • Build strategies to elevate strategic partnerships you have with key clients based on the value they seek from you

  • Create strategies to facilitate greater integration and synergy in the partnerships you have with your key accounts

  • Describe personal development strategies for each of the key roles you play as a Key Account Representative

  • Calculate R.O.T.I. and build strategies to maximize it with each of your key accounts, and the individual sales opportunities you pursue with those clients

  • Set well-defined goals that are S.M.A.R.T., aligned with your organization's goals, and based on specific targets, as well as forecast probable outcomes based on a realistic likelihood of success

  • Plan the total amount of time you will allocate to each of the activities we conduct as Key Account Representatives, including all account management, business development, planning, and other responsibilities

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the relevant segments of the market/industry we operate/sell in, using five separate criteria and/or analysis tools

  • Selectively target/identify key accounts to approach for new business development, based on a matrix rating of an account’s attractiveness to you, versus the value you offer the account

  • Extract insight from analyses and research, and build an account plan based on this insight that outlines specific actions/strategies with associated timelines

  • Build a detailed annual business review for each of your existing key accounts

  • Develop a detailed profile of one of your key accounts

  • Develop a strategic account plan that optimizes efficiency and effectiveness for any key account or prospective account

  • Conduct a consultative investigation meeting with a client, in order to uncover key information about their business, goals, and needs

  • Build a solid business case for your recommendations to key clients

  • Use appropriate communication methods to deliver effective sales meetings, presentations and conversations using best-supported methods for each stage of the sales cycle.



The Mastering Objections, Negotiations, & Closing course ensures participants will gain the confidence to navigate and negotiate sales deals with a deeper understanding of customer engagement best practices. While preparing for negotiations and potential objections, students will learn to confidently negotiate based on value and secure lasting business with their clients.

Course Format | 1 DAY In-house & 4 week Follow-up
  • Develop and follow through on a detailed negotiation plan, including team negotiation strategies

  • Maintain client commitments throughout the entirety of the sales process by reinforcing UVP and ROI of product/service offerings

  • Determine root cause of objections and develop strategies to properly address them 

  • Upsell and cross sell additional services to further address client needs 

  • Properly identify internal organizational gaps and fill with external partners 

  • Strategically select the best approach to ensure closing of sale for each client and solutions

  • Develop and utilize personal systems to follow-up with clients, deepen relationships, and grow business. 



Become a more effective strategist, business manager, and talent developer so you can manage your team towards improved performance and profitability.

Course Format | 3 DAY In-house |  8 week 1-1 Live Online
  • Gain clear expectations of the multiple roles you play as a Professional Sales Manager, from Strategist to Talent Manager

  • Create tailored go-to-market sales strategies for each of your customer segments

  • Shape your sales culture by effectively defining and delivering your vision with a five-step process

  • Successfully guide your team through periods of change or upheaval with specific and proven change management techniques

  • Define a formal sales process for your team and identify the skills required to be successful every step of the way

  • Predict sales performance with specific budgets for each rep

  • Develop forecast templates that help keep you and your reps on track

  • Understand the tools that support sales performance management

  • Formalize talent management with a structure process

  • Create a recruitment plan that ensures you’re using every avenue to find the right candidates

  • Develop motivational compensation plans that make financial sense

  • Screen candidates using specific criteria and tools and conduct structured, in-depth interviews that provide deeper insights into each candidate

  • Select the appropriate type of training for your team and take the steps to measure results

  • Use collaborative coaching and individual performance plans to improve the effectiveness of each one of your reps

  • Complete regular performance reviews that provide constructive feedback and support performance plans