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Hire-a-Sales-Leader Program 

Our Hire a Sales Leader Program is an outsourced fractional (part-time) management service designed to help you lead the sales effort in your company or sales division.

Sales Planning

More accurate sales forecasting through sales plan development.

Sales Rep Coaching

Improving rep productivity through tactical and strategic skill coaching.

Deal Tracking

Closing more deals by managing line-sight visibility of prospects.

Monthly Management Reporting 

Fixing go-forward sales issues by reviewing past sales performance


  • Part-time outsourced sales leader

  • Improve sales team selling performance

  • A person you can count on to share the workload

  • Make important sales system changes

  • Access to some of Canada’s best sales leaders

  • Support for best sales improvement practices

  • Short-term or long term sales leadership resources

  • Flexible to meet the scope of your sales improvement requirements


  • Reduced sales rep turnover 

  • Improved sales rep satisfaction

  • Increased deal closing rates

  • Improved sales planning

  • No employment contracts

  • Efficient use of leadership capacity

  • Long-term sustainable best sales practices.

  • Unlimited access to online sales training and coaching

  • Team Sales Playbook Certification

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