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Our Sales Playbook Program is an 'outsourced project based service' designed to convert your company's Standard Operating Sales Procedures into Sales Rep Friendly training guide or Sales Playbook. Then we repurpose the guide into an Online  Learning Management System with online courses to train your staff anytime, anywhere on Sales Operations.    


  • Sales Team best practices workshops 

  • Mapping sales cycle and stages

  • Inventory, develop or revise sales tools 

  • Document your sales playbook

  • Repurpose sales playbook into an online anytime, anywhere learning management system

  • Complete sales team best practice refresh 

  • Optional Sales Playbook Certification Program


  • Scale training efforts through sales team engagement 

  • Build repeatable sales operations training into online anywhere, anytime training 

  • Fill skill gaps with sales best practices training

  • Realize the highest return on training investment  

  • Hardcode sustainable best practices into your new sales training system.

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