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Our 'Hire a Sales Trainer Program' is an outsourced fractional (part-time) management service designed to meet a very specific and very important sales training requirements in all business to business sales organizations.

Sales Training Gap Analysis

Delivering the most important sales training based on specific requirements

Individual Rep Skill Planning

Individual customized sales planning focused on each reps requirements.

Skill Benchmarking

Setting training competency standards and measuring against them.

Learning Dashboard

Access to a complete rep learning dashboard to measure learning.


  • Part-time outsourced sales trainer

  • Cost effective for larger sales teams

  • Large variety of sales training courses

  • Experienced, professional and reliable delivery 

  • Access to some of Canada’s best sales trainers

  • Short-term or long term sales training resource

  • Flexible to customize sales training requirements


  • Experienced and affordable Sales Trainer who will partner with you to drive the sales effort.

  • Build sales training capacity quickly

  • Short-term or long term partnerships

  • Clear sales training plan and progress from the first day!

  • Long term sustainable best practices hardcoded into your new sales training system.

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