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Next Steps

Step 1: Watch a 10 minute explainer video hosted by the President/CEO of Sales Training Experts 


Step 2: Book an appointment to review the program. We can answer all your questions. 

Step 3: If it's a good fit, complete the application form after your appointment. 

Licenced Partner Anchor

Licensed Partner Program

We designed this program to help people like yourself start a Sales Performance Practice in your own community. We recognize that Covid 19 is disrupting the sales training industry and that anyone interested in opening a Sales Training practice, must build out digital training, coaching and consulting assets to service their client base.  During the pandemic and over the past 2 years, Sales Training Experts has spent thousands of dollars to complete our digital transformation. Now you can take advantage of our pre-built business systems and all our digital training assets. We’ve done most of the heavy lifting. If you’re an existing management consultant, trainer, current or former sales leader, or maybe just looking for a new home-based business, then check out this site for more details.

Sales Training Courses

Access to a complete series of Sales Training courses leading to Sales Certification. 

Digital Transformation 

LMS, Virtual Coach, Website, SEO Optimized, online billing and internet advertising. 

Built-in Features

  • Website and lead engagement tools 

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Complete client sales certification program

  • Complete client sales leadership certification

  • Complete ongoing persistent revenue programs

  • Brochures, client engagement tools

  • Online Client Billing Systems


  • Start selling to clients right away 

  • Less time developing, more time delivering

  • Run the business from your basement 

  • Get the business support you need, when you need it

  • You complete business in a virtual-box

Proven Selling Systems

Training on our Sales Playbook and Standard Operating Sales Procedures.  

Client & Prospect

Engagement Tools

Hundreds of templates, models and selling systems that support you and clients. 

Step 1: Watch the Explainer Video

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