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Sales Training Experts offers a unique license program for trainers and management consultants. It combines all the most important sales improvement services in one place. We partner together and complete a 1-year on the job training program that provides you specific training on all our consulting, coaching and training programs. During that time, you will build a client base of ongoing repeat clients. You will leverage your sales leadership experience by using our programs, processes and systems to find and service clients.


Our company has been serving the sales consulting, coaching and training profession for over 14 years. Our Sales Leader and Sales Trainer Quarterback programs are unique retainer based services that drive ongoing monthly consulting revenue. The 90 Day Sales Accelerator is one Canada's most well designed live online coaching programs. It's a weekly group coaching program that allows each rep to complete their own company specific sales playbook over 90 days.  And of course we are Sales Training Experts. We have created over many unique corporate sales training programs. We are experts in instructor led programming, e-learning platforms and blended learning solutions. We have the tools and the content to make you shine. We are International Licensed Distributors for the Canadian Professional Sales Association and we are partners of the MBA Sales Leadership program offered at the University of Fredericton. When you earn our STE Licensed Partner accreditation, you have the power of experience supporting your consulting, coaching and training efforts. 



What training will I receive during the 1st year? 

We have built 4 specific training programs to ensure your success. First you have an assigned mentor for the 1 year training program. They will answer questions, and can help you integrate the programs, processes and services you will learn into your practice. Once your mentor is assigned the training will begin. Module 1 will focus on how to build your consulting, coaching and training practice. We will provide you all the tools, systems and processes to build a sales pipeline of clients. In Module 2, we will complete the Train the Trainer Program on all the core Sales Training Programs we offer. This will provide certification in all our company owned sales training programs. Module 3 is the Train the Coach program. We provide you a coaching program for both sales reps an sales managers. When completed you will be able to offer these coaching programs to your clients. Finally Module 4 will focus our attention on key areas of profitable consulting work. These will include Compensation Design, Creating Standard Operating Sales Procedures, Corporate Leadership Facilitation Skills and how to price and project plan these consulting initiatives.  

How do I become accepted into the Licensed Partner Program?  

There 3 Steps to acceptance into the program.


Step 1: Review our website and the programs we offer. Initially assess whether this is the right program for you. 

Step 2: Click the link to register for one of our upcoming Webinars that more fully explain the Licensed Partner Program. 

Step 3: Still interested? Then complete the online application form. We will then be in contact with you to set up a meeting.  

Am I an employee of Sales Training Experts? 

You are a licensed sub-contractor. This means that we take care of proposal preparation,  client billing and provide a central point of contact for your clients. You provision services and are paid based on our fee schedule.  

In the first year, how much money can I make? 

Although it is hard to predict any single person's individual income, our services and processes are designed to ramp up your efforts quickly. The benefit of becoming of Licensed Partner is the support you receive. You're not alone in developing your client base. We are here to help you. We have developed realistic business models for A, B, and C markets. We are successful when you are successful. Setting reasonable sales goals, and overachieving them is always our preferred approach.     

What is the long-term plans for this program? 

Although Sales Training Experts has operated for more than 14 years, our Licensed Partner Program has just begun. With over 14 years experience, we have been able to create a suite of services that have been proven to be successful with our clients. Our systems, processes and programs are now locked and loaded. But we know that our in-field readiness is being tested in our first year. We have priced our Licensed Partner Program to reflect the new program. We have also set our program terms and conditions to make your decision easier and reduce your barrier to entry.