Pricing, Refund and Contract Policy

All agreements signed with clients for Corporate Customized Sales Training Workshops are based on the following conditions: 

  1. Pricing is provided based on the terms and conditions of the signed agreement. (signed by both the client and Sales Training Experts)

  2. Pricing is valid up to the specified proposal end date noted in the agreement. 

  3. If alternate pricing is requested by the client, then this pricing must be agreed to in writing by the client and Sales Training Experts in advance of the services provided.

  4. All payment  is due upon signing of the agreement unless otherwise stated in the agreement.    

  5. Training dates are held until a signed client agreement is received before the proposal expiry date. Once the proposal expiry date has lapsed, and no signed client commitment is received, Sales Training Experts is no longer responsible to hold the client training date in the calendar


Consulting Services: Quarterback Retainer Services

  1. All consulting services are based on client approved project plans.

  2. Retainer based contracts (Quarterback Programs) are based on a mutually agreed upon time period commitment. (Normally 6 months to 1 year) The client acknowledges their commitment to this arrangement as part of the pricing provided.     

  3. Dates and times of work product delivery are outlined in the approved client project plan. The consultant makes every reasonable effort to complete the project work products by the dates outlined in the project plan. Extenuating circumstances may preclude the consultant from meeting those requirements. They include but are not limited to: 

  • Client availability

  • Consultant illness

  • Travel delays


Cancellation Policy for all programs, workshops and services: 

  1. Signed agreements are binding in full. 

  2. There are no refunds for client cancelled program, workshops or services. 

  3. These policies are in effect unless alternate arrangements are agreed to and signed by both parties.   

Sales Training Experts reserves the right to replace a specific trainer, consultant or coach in any given contract with a comparable alternative due to sickness, scheduling issues, or other unforeseen circumstances.  

The client acknowledges and accepts all the conditions in this policy.