Sales Accelerator

Training Benefits:

  • Team building Increased client negotiation effectiveness

  • More effective approach to  negotiation tactics

  • Tools to manage new and existing clients 

  • Clear and effective negotiation sales model

  • Practice and demonstrate effective negotiations

Targeted Skill Gaps:

  • Negotiation best practices with clients

  • New & existing client negotiation approach

  • Setting negotiation goals

  • Concession strategy in negotiation

  • Negotiation planning

  • Knowing what to say in negotiations

'The instructor on this program was knowledgeable and presented well.'

Frank R, June 2018 | Vancouver

Participant Approval Rate: 98%

As a sales leader, HR professional, or business owner who’s business is build on effective client relationships,  you know the importance of negotiation skills with your team. Choosing the right negotiation selling program has 3 decision challenges that most sales leaders experience.      


Challenge 1:  Some reps need more negotiation skills training than others. Finding a program that matches all the skill gaps is important.  


Challenge 2: You know that training events create short-term behavior change. You need a     program that has a follow-up reinforcement coaching program.      


Challenge 3: You want your facilitator to understand your business before they present to your team. You need an experienced trainer the team will listen too.   


At Sales Training Experts we understand your challenges and more importantly we have solutions.   Our sales negotiation program is designed as an overview program that  trains all the critical skills. Our in-class delivery challenges more experienced reps, while creating a common language and negotiation selling system for everyone. Rookies and experienced reps both benefit. Our programs have live on-line coaching delivered after the training event. This ensures we transfer negotiation concepts to negotiation skills. All our trainers are certified by Sales Training Experts. They have years of  experience and are highly skilled sales trainers.