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Sales Playbook Certification is an entire Sales Team engagement experience including managers, owners and company executives. For example, many of our sales team clients ask us to include company, client and product specific questions in our certification exams. Through our 4 optional group coaching workshops, we adapt and reinforce our e-learning course content to match your unique sales situation. This ensures 'best practices' are right-sized which leads to improved participant skill adoption. At the end of 4 group or Individual coaching sessions, the facilitator creates 2 new pages for your 'Sales Playbook' that summarizes the important company specific adaptations and best practices. ​    

Consultative Selling

A great first training program for both new and experienced sales professionals. 

Handling Objections

Fine tune your skills to handle the toughest client and prospect objections. 


  • Higher levels of sales target achievement

  • Higher employee retention rates for top talent

  • Better team work with sales support departments

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Better recruitment and new rep training

  • Improved return on training investment


Presentation Skills

Learn and practice skills to deliver the 6 types of Sales Presentations.

Negotiation Skills

Learn an advanced approach to effective client and prospect  negotiations.

Strategic Thinking

Build a strategic thinking mindset in account management and new business development.

Territory Management

Learn advanced selling systems, tools, and concepts to grow your territory. 

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