The Perfect Conference/Workshop Training Program


Overview of program 

Looking to show-off your team's selling skills? The Pitch is a 1 or 2 day power workshop designed to take everything your team has learned as a sales professional and put it to the test! In the same spirit as The Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank your team will work together to create the best sales pitch for your product or service. They will apply the most important influencing and negotiation tactics to win over thier audience. Just like the popular TV series, the sharks will test their skills by asking tough questions. So get your team  ready to meet their biggest sales challenge yet. This workshop will ignite your value proposition and demonstrate your team's passion to achieve their sales targets!

'This is one of the best programs our team has participated in...'

Kijiji Auto, December 2017 | Toronto

Participant Approval Rate: 93%

Who should take this program? 

  • Both new and experienced sales professionals 

  • Sales training graduates who have completed a consultative selling program

  • Sales leaders looking to fine tune the selling skills of their teams

  • Marketing leaders looking to assess the value proposition of their product/service

The employer benefits? 

  • Reinforce the product skills trained and get the highest return on your training investment

  • Focus on teamwork, applied and demonstrated skill development

  • Reinforcement of key selling concepts recently trained.

  • Targeted delivery to the unique personality traits of sales professionals  by combining learning, competition and fun in the same workshop.

  • Executive teams enjoy being part of the audience when the pitch is made.

  • Marketing and Sales Managers are able to observe real life client objections and how they're handled in the field. This helps build tools to support the front line sales effort.

The sales rep benefits? 

  • Sales reps get a chance to show-off their skills.

  • Lots of fun while competing for top prizes in a contest among their peers.

  • Able to demonstrate their product and sales skills.

  • Will observe and learn the best sales approaches to pitching  your company products/services.

  • Most importantly, everyone will learn from each other.

What we do in the workshop?

Teams comprise of 3-4 participants.


Each member has a role. There is the Pitcher, Sales Coach, and Fact Checker. Each role is critical to the success of the presentation. These roles, and tools that support them are provided to participants at the beginning of the workshop.  

The workshop is divided into 2  x   4 hour sessions. (Typical 1 Day Format) 

The first 4 hour session provides an overview of the best practices of Making the Pitch. Armed with all the tools, participants work together in teams to build the perfect pitch!

In the second 4 hour session, participants are given the opportunity to pitch to an audience of their peers. Select audience members (or sales managers) will judge the presentations on a 1-10 scale based on pre-selected categories like:


  • Creativity     

  • Ability to convince me

  • Great answers to objections

  • Organized approach

  • And  a few others…