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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills


Negotiation is an important step in the sales process. Sales Negotiation provides a unique set of challenges for today’s sales leaders. Competitive pressures, increasing client expectations, and limited resources all affect the outcome of a sale. Knowing and practicing the techniques of an effective negotiation is only half the equation. Understanding the steps to avoid a negotiation is equally important. Proactive sales techniques reduce unnecessary negotiations, increase opportunity, and reduce ‘sales cycle time’. This program provides the tools you need to meet both client and company expectations!           


Selling is a life skill. Negotiation is a fundamental part of the selling process. Negotiation requires a set of skills and a strategy to have an effective outcome. This program will introduce the key components of negotiation in the sales process. 


This e-learning course can be taken on it's own or as part of a bundled training and coaching program. You will learn a common sales approach that will level set your knowledge and skills with the latest best practices. It is recommended that both this E-learning Course and the Live Online Coaching Workshops are taken together to achieve the greatest benefit from the program. By choosing the optional Coaching Workshops your coach will right-size the course content and help you apply sales best practices to your everyday routine.  Registering for this course is e-learning + Coaching. If you would like only e-learning, please choose the E-learning Only program.

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