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Sales Process Audits

The Sales Leader Challenge: Optimizing sales results with the current sales team, existing sales channel(s) and current product offerings.

Solution Options:

  1. Sales Training

  2. Compensation Increase

  3. New Sales Reps

  4. New Sales Channels

  5. New Product Offerings

  6. New Sales Processes

Everyday Sales Leaders face the same set of challenges. Increasing sales without increasing costs. Finding a better way to sell more product more often. Sales Training is seen as the panacea of viable options. Is it?

Case Study:

Products and services are changing at a rapid rate. The headlines provide us a continuous stream of innovative products developed by some of the world’s largest organizations. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and the list goes on and on. Small technology companies are gobbled up by larger companies when they’re market ready. But for the average company trying to compete in more stabilized industries it’s hard to relate. Innovation in product development is a competitive differentiator for only a small number of organizations. The rest compete on operational efficiency, customer intimacy, and other types of optimized market strategies.

Sales leaders faced with stiff competition in more mature industries rely on more traditional approaches to boost sales. Sales People are their competitive advantage. But they’re not cheap! And they are not easy to find or keep. In a world cluttered with advertising, online media, and increasing competition, Sales People somehow manage through the noise and find their way to decision makers. They might be hard to find and difficult to keep but they get the job done. But what happens when sales start to slip?

Sure, sales training is an option. But maybe it’s time to increase commissions. Perhaps you need new sales people? Why not sell through agents or dealers? You can always sell your products online. What about a new line of products? These are all considerations and maybe one or all of them should be implemented. The question is: Which one (s)? When you consider the cost of each option and start adding up the totals, it starts to look pricy. And you’re still not sure if any or all of them will work.

Have you considered a Sales Process Audit and Sales Playbook Development?

An outside view of your sales department will reveal stuff you didn’t know. The selling systems you have developed to identify, solicit, and engage prospective clients represent an ongoing investment in your business. Are you optimizing the return on your investment? Changing markets and increased competition can render your current selling systems obsolete. Optimized selling systems are required across all sales channels. Whether you are managing an outbound sales team, a retail store, or a revenue focused call center your approach to client contact is critical. Qualified Sales Performance Consultants will do an in-depth review of your entire sales cycle. They will identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for change. As a partner in profit growth, they will work with your team to unlock revenue opportunities and discard outdated selling practices.

Your sales team is an asset. Sales Process Audits maximize returns by helping you chose the right investment options.

The natural evolution of a Sales Process Audit is the documentation and training of a new Sales Playbook for your company. Having a complete documented set of Standard Operating Sales Procedures developed in collaboration with your team produces your highest return on training investment. It also becomes the go to document for training new reps, establishing clear selling behaviors, and setting the KPIs required along the CRM sales and service cycle. It also helps to highlight training requirements for your team.

Paul Kidston, MBA, CSP | Outsourced Sales Performance Consultant, Trainer and Coach

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