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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills


Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals is a comprehensive presentations skills course for both new business development reps (Hunters) and Account Management Reps (Farmers). Unlike a traditional Presentations Skills course, this training program will share best sales and presentation practices specifically for sales professionals. This course reveals a unique presentation perspective for the following presentation scenarios:  


Scenario 1: Business Development Presentations. These lessons cover topics like: 

  • Presentation 1: Cold Call Presentations 
  • Presentation 2: Buying Group Presentations-Lead Generation 
  • Presentation 3: Sales Call Presentations 
  • Presentation 4: Client On-boarding Presentations


Scenario 2: Account Management Presentations. These lessons cover topics like: 

  • Presentation 5: Internal Review Presentations for Management and Support Staff
  • Presentation 6: Account Review Presentations for Clients


Many outside sales professionals are conducting many of their presentations online or over the phone since Covid 19 restrictions have been imposed in many communities. With this in mind, this course will be weighted toward online presentations. Relevant face-to-face best practices are included throughout the course with the hope that many of your client visit restrictions will be lifted shortly. Good luck with the course. Enjoy! Registering for this course is e-learning + Coaching. If you would like only e-learning, please choose the E-learning Only program.

  • Next Steps

    You will receive an email in 1 business day with the course sign-in information. If you have any questions, contact us at 1-877-353-7253 or at


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